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Ultimate Abs Sales ClickBank Page-$39 - Fun and Fit: Active Aging Answers for Boom Chicka BoomersClick Image To Visit SiteIf all goes well, you will age. HOW you grow older is largely under your control and a result of choices you make. Don’t watch your waist expand and your world shrink with each passing year.

Hi! I’m Kymberly. My twin sister, Alexandra and I each offer more than 3 decades’ experience on land, sea, and airwaves as internationally respected, certified fitness professionals. Like you, we are baby boomers who know that added years often means added weight, more aches and pains, and reduced strength.

Take advantage of our expertise to transform your core and more. You can move from weak and (dare we say, perhaps “flabby”) to strong and Fab-Abby!

Kymberly is a genius. Her intense knowledge of physical fitness is unrivaled, except perhaps by her twin sister, Alexandra. There’s a magical, humorous dimension to everything she does. 28 years ago she helped me lose the 40 lbs I gained from my first son’s birth and now she’s counseling me on my mid-life crisis body! Kymberly is there for you if you’re seeking witty, accurate and supportive advice that works!

A little later Alexandra and I will tell you our number one tip to motivate you from “stuck” to “start” with any fitness routine. But first, we’re going to bust the myth that a 6-pack indicates a strong, age-defying core.

We admit a 6-pack certainly looks good. And it does indicate low body fat. But it says nothing about the ability to function well in daily life, do fun physical activities, or maintain enviable posture.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to work as hard as it takes to get the 6-pack of my youth (that I may or may not ever have had in the first place). More to the point, it’s totally possible to have a youthful, functional set of abs even if your 6-pack could be described as a 10-pack.

Or you can start now with a program carefully selected for you — the woman in her second half of life.

I love your very practical “can-do” ideas! You have gotten my butt into gear and motivated me to make so many changes to my diet and exercise! I’ve lost 10 lbs already and am gaining some much needed strength! I feel fabulous!!!! Thanks ladies; you’re awesome! 24/7 Alzheimer Caregiver, RA patient, Writer, Blogger, Wife, Mom, Grandma, avid traveler and Social Media addict.

When you buy our program, we’ll also throw in the following bonuses. Raise your hand if you like a good freebie! How about THREE FREEBIES! Whoa. Try saying that aloud quickly thrice in a row.

Time to find out how menopause gobsmacked your belly in the first place. More to the point, this lighthearted, info-packed interview with hormone expert, Tamara Grand, PhD offers “how tos” for saying “so long suckah” to any added tummy weight you’re sucking in.

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