Sneak Peak at the Figure Competition Secrets Program

Sneak Peak at the Figure Competition Secrets ProgramClick Image To Visit SiteIs it because you still have body fat? Is it because your muscles don’t even show!? Is it because you don’t have any muscle symmetry or proportion? Is it because you can pinch well more than an inch any where on your body?

Let’s get REAL… If I gave you $5,000 cash Right Now for you to put on a posing suit and heels and pose in front of me and 6 other judges…

Come on, face it. You’re tried of seeing all those other women lose fat, build muscle, slip easily into a figure posing suits and compete in Figure Competitions, while you STILL continue to sit on the sideline… admiring, wishing… Aren’t you tired of being left in the dust each year?

You know, it doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 60 years old. It doesn’t matter what current shape you are in. If any of the above scenarios describe the way you look or feel, you aren’t alone and your struggles are not your fault. And, if you made it this far on this web page, chances are that you are FINALLY ready to take the bull by the horns and do something about it. If you have a dream, a desire, or a goal to compete in a Figure Competition, I can help you.

But that’s not the worst of it. A lot of women are getting their contest prep information on facebook. Facebook is social media networking, and let’s not forget it’s a mega platform for advertising. Spend ANY TIME on facebook looking for figure contest prep information, and you WILL leave more confused than when you started on how to burn fat and get lean for your show.

The Truth Is… The latest hip workouts are designed poorly and combined with improper dieting with dramatic caloric cuts. With VERY little nutrients to feed your body fused with strenuous and intense workouts, your body NEVER gets a chance to recover. Overtraining and under nourishing WILL cause muscle loss and FAT GAIN!

Experts Tell Us… states, “Overtraining is simply defined as when an individual’s intense exercise level exceeds their ability to recover.” And, reveals, "nutrient intake helps in muscle recovery and growth by enhancing tissue repair by delivering amino acids and nutrients to the starving muscles. The muscles get nourished, they recover, and they get a bit stronger than they were."

What’s REALLY Happening… A lot of figure competitors get sick the final month before their figure contest because they taxed their body to the point it could not recover any longer. They literally compromised their immune system. The final month as their immune system falls off the radar they start to lose muscle, gain fat, hold water weight, and have an overall soft appearance.

But, Lucky YOU! You found this web page and it can help you get to your goal of having that figure-ready body. What you are about to learn are the Figure Competition Secrets… Read more…