Power Primer — A product by Eric Bach

Power Primer — A product by Eric BachClick Image To Visit SiteDiscover the hacks regular guys use to add muscle and shed fat. You’ll unleash a body that looks, feels, and performs like a professional athlete.

99% of programs chase empty promises: six minute abs or 20 inch biceps.  But chances are they’ll leave you feeling old and broken, as though your athleticism has abandoned you.

And you’ll never build the body you want and need:  a body that’s jacked and athletic, a body that screams power and strength.

Say goodbye to being weak. Say goodbye to pathetic athleticism. Say goodbye to choosing between between physique and performance. Say hello to the total package. Say hello to a body that’s lean, athletic, healthy, and powerful. Say hello to a body that performs in the weight room AND the world.    Want to look good naked? Or get more athletic? Why choose? You don’t have to sacrifice one goal for the other. You can have both.

Seemingly impossible training plateaus…being teased for being chubby as a kid… and feeling pathetic after getting crushed in sports…

Your workouts should improve your life, not consume it. They should improve your performance, not just your physique.

You should have a body that looks awesome, yet is powerful and capable of handling anything life throws at you.

For nearly a decade I’ve trained pros and ordinary Joes … from elite athletes to everyday men and women.

And guess what? Everyone wants the same thing.  No one  wants to JUST look good or JUST be more athletic….they want both!

They want a resilient body that feels strong and athletic … that screams power and authority … yet looks shredded and muscular.  They don’t want one or the other. They want both. 

I’ve analyzed and isolated the most important training components to building your ultimate body. A body that looks and performs like your favorite athletes.

Now, I’ve unlocked the secrets to powering up your training for awesome results in my new program.

Through years of working with my amazing clients, I’ve discovered the truth. It takes multiple training methods to build the total package. Sports performance techniques, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting can all play a role.

Rather than chasing one training style as the cure-all and feeling beat-up, weak, and unsatisfied, my clients started to feel energized, powerful, and athletic.

Joint pain diminished.  They lost unwanted body fat. They gained explosive athleticism. Best of all, they started loving training and their bodies again.

I’ve been a coach for nearly a decade.  I’ve worked with college and pro athletes. And I’ve helped former athletes feel, look, and perform like people half their age. I’ve also written hundreds of articles about improving performance, fat loss, muscle building, and nutrition.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in such top media outlets as CNN, The Huffington Post, Livestrong, Bodybuilding.com, The Personal Trainer Development Center, Muscle and Strength, and T-Nation.  I’m not bragging… Read more…