How I Sold $1 Million in Personal Training – Increase Your Personal Training Sales

How I Sold $1 Million in Personal Training - Increase Your Personal Training SalesClick Image To Visit SiteSo, it usually goes something like this: “I’m in shape and I am going to become a trainer.”

Good for you, but you are going to need one important thing to help make you successful in the business of personal training…

You may be a top-notch trainer, or just beginning in the industry, and maybe your heart’s even in the right place and you know you can help people,

You already know you are great in shape and are an accomplished trainer… BUT… I am talking about how to specifically sell personal training, and that is a completely different skill altogether, and the size of your bi’s or ripped abs have little, if anything at all, to do with it.

We all know everyone can benefit from working with a professional trainer. It’s an important service and everyone needs it, right?

Think of it this way; lets say you did a solid PT demo. Effecitve and maybe even some innovative exercises, maybe the client felt a pump or a burm, something they may have not felt in a while. You know you nailed it, but when you pitch your services? "I’ll think about it," is what you often hear.

You may think that having an amazing physique is “inspiring” and will help you sell. I assure you, that is wrong thinking. I know this because some of the people I’ve sold personal training to were in better shape than I was. So no, put the “guns” back in the holsters and go back to cracking nuts with your abs, that has very little to do with knowing how to sell.

What if you could get inside the head of an overweight man and an award winning fitness consultant all at the same time?

How much insight would that provide you with? Do you think that would help your business? What if he could arm you with every trigger and hot button you need, specific to selling personal training and even show you how to evaluate, and if you should even do the pt demo in the first place, or blow it off? Yes, there is a way to determine that.

Well, I am going to provide you with an education from both sides of the business; the fitness pro and the client!

Here’s why: Over 160 Lb. ago I was your dream client and the best trainers money could buy lost the chance to work with me and left 10’s of thousands of dollars on the table, because they tried to “sell” me. I was the guy who drove to the gym parking lot for three weeks and couldn’t get out of his car for fear of being ridiculed. I was afraid to walk in to the terrifying "house of mirrors, we call a gym." I was over 350 lb. 48% body fat, and size 56 waist. I NEEDED YOU, I REALLY NEEDED YOUR HELP and I eventually wound up paying… Read more…