HomeClick Image To Visit SiteTake a second right now and look at me in the picture to the right. Would you believe just a few years ago I was 43 pounds over weight?

In the process of rehabilitating I stumbled upon a new method of body weight Pilates. I strengthened my knee, sure. But to my surprise I also achieved a fit, lean and sexy core I’ve always dreamed about.

Now, before we get to far let me introduce myself and let you know how I came to be called the “queen of Pilates”.

Hi, I’m Sylvia Favela, and I was the chunky girl with a pear shape body, wide hips, long and gangly arms and legs. With my scrawny arms, chubby belly, and squishy butt. You would think I was eating a dozen cupcakes a day.

I wanted to lose the weight. Badly. I wanted a flat core and tight body so I did what everyone did…

…I headed to a big box gym and did the same old workout day after day…cardio for 1 hour then lifted weights. I was doing hundreds and hundreds of sit ups to strengthen my core because of serious low back pain I suffered from.

I dabbled in Pilates as rehabilitation for my knee and back pain and was shocked with the results. Not only was my pain gone but my physique changed drastically.

After working out in a gym for years my midsection was square, I didn’t want to look like a square box and I couldn’t believe the changes. My Abs changed, no more square box. I had definition like I never had before but that was just the result. The true benefit was a strong core.

Unfortunately, many of today’s exercises designed to increase muscular strength to improve physical appearance, endurance and improve core strength by stabilizing the lower back only provide minimal development of maximal voluntary contraction of the abdominal musculature. Resulting in a much needed method to increase abdominal muscular endurance.

Have you ever woken up with a tight, sore neck and shoulders? The deficits of those exercises has been associated with symptoms in the neck-shoulder region. Improper alignment and movement creates the unnecessary pain you feel with doing too many crunches with bad form.

So, all that time you spend doing crunches and v-ups aren’t providing the necessary foundation and strength your body craves and needs.

As a matter of fact, recent studies supports the use of Pilates in the prevention of neck-shoulder disorders.

In 2012, a study was published in the Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical proved that a group of 96 participant’s whom attended Pilates sessions over the course of 8 weeks showed a 54% drastic improvement in core strength, muscle endurance and reduced low back pain.

In Pilates, the focus is on the effective recruitment of motor units that places the emphasis on energy efficient and quality performance.

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