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FlatBellyBreakthrough.com - Find Your Feminine Curves!Click Image To Visit SiteHave you ever had the feeling there’s something wrong with the weight loss programs you’ve been sold in the past?

Like they’re made for 25-year-old single women with loads of free time, no responsibilities and whose hormones are a country mile from menopause?

Most weight loss plans are one-size-fits-all, have NOT been designed for the mid-life woman, and if you don’t have endless willpower WON’T work.

They make you starve yourself with "diet food" and torture your body with hour after hour of cardio.

Here’s the truth: Drastically cutting calories and beating yourself up with exercise does more harm than good, especially after 40.

You are not weak-willed for caving to cravings, feeling defeated by trying to figure out what to make for dinner, or being exhausted by your hour-long workouts.

The problem is old-school nutrition and exercise myths that have been pounded into your head (and joints!) for decades.

The sad truth is these plans do NOT work long-term, especially not for women over 40, and could actually be damaging your metabolism and making it easier to store fat!

However, once you uncover the latest scientifically-proven nutrition and exercise techniques you can stop the frustration of yo-yo dieting.

Look, I’m a certified Nutritionist and Trainer. I’m over 50, fit and lean, and I specialize in women’s fat loss.

I assure you — beyond a shadow of a doubt — lasting weight loss does NOT come from severe calorie restriction, suffering with "diet food" or punishing yourself with long, exhausting cardio!

And believe me – you will NEVER hear this cutting-edge knowledge from the makers of pre-packaged diet plans or an old-school treadmill salesman.

Those folks will happily keep taking your money year after year as your weight, waistline and frustration balloon…until you’re so discouraged that you just give up and resign yourself thinking it’s impossible to get the body you desire… and then you tell yourself it must be your “genetics”.

Listen, I know you’re frustrated – and you have good reason to be – because you’ve been led down the wrong path far too long and far too often.

It’s been proven over and over again in cutting-edge exercise and nutrition journals: the advice “experts” have been giving you for decades could actually be making you gain fat around your belly, hips and thighs![i]

No, this isn’t some sort of conspiracy theory or wacky idea. I’m talking cold, hard, scientific facts. Times they are a-changin’, and old-school nutritionists and trainers need to catch up…

Of course, it’s bad enough that you feel hopeless. Now add on that if you are fat, sick and tired your entire family suffers.

You are your family’s ROCK They count on you, which makes it harder for us girls when we feel we have lost control.

…fat that lands on your hips, thighs and belly.[iii] You could easily pack… Read more…