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Competition Countdown Pitch Page - AmandaLouise SwimwearClick Image To Visit SiteCompeting is EXPENSIVE! Using the included AmandaLouise Competition Countdown Budget Workbook you’ll be able to set a budget, track your spending, and plan accordingly for your show.

When should you start worrying about posing, or when should you book your tan? All the details of scheduling activities, purchases, and appointments are covered throughout the book in a 12 week format.

Choosing your suit, deciding to hire a professional for make-up, there is A LOT that goes into how you look on stage besides how you eat and train. Make sure you look your BEST using our tips and tricks.

I absolutely LOVE this sport and have spent the last several years dedicating all my free time to learning more about it. I started preparing for my first bikini competition three years ago, and completely fell in love with the challenge of prep, and the adrenaline of stepping on stage. After my first show, I took my skills of sewing homecoming dresses and quilts into tiny sparkly bikinis! It has blossomed into a wonderful business where I am able to outfit amazing women in suits that I pour my heart into. Through this work I have found a new passion of helping women beyond just the bikini, and into the entire process. I’ve worked with over 100 women and truly value my relationship with every single one. There are so many little things that go into stepping on stage, that many of the "competition coaches" don’t cover, or just breeze over. These small details can turn into HUGE stress if not tackled appropriately. Because of this, I’ve decided to compile all of the emails and texts and conversations into one central resource to help as many women as I can.

Our studio is located within the beautiful L SPA Cortaro in Northwest Tucson, Arizona. This studio is where we offer custom airbrush tanning, and can also hold client consultations. Read more…