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Buy it Now - Weight Loss and Fat Burning HandbookClick Image To Visit SiteThis training system is a built from the ground up to give you access to cutting edge training techniques and smart eating advice. Owning this handbook is like having a world class personal trainer at your fingertips 24/7.

INCLUDED: A Research Based Workout System These fat burning movements are on the cutting edge of fitness.

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INCLUDED: An Elite Level Workout Routine Master a new level of strength, performance and endurance.

INCLUDED: A Video Workout System Each exercise is taught to you with both photo and video demonstrations.

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itrainelite brings people of all fitness levels and hundreds of fitness goals together in one place. For example, a couch potato wanting to drop fat, a new mother, and a gym addict can find expert video workouts alongside athletes that want to cut like a running back, stop on a dime, and jump like a gazelle. The exercise methodology is simultaneously expert and elegant, with attention to tempo, order of exercise, balance, posture, and stability. The system is a brainchild of a group of fitness professionals with experience as gym owners, personal trainers, martial artists, sports performance specialists, and injury recovery gurus. You can spend $100 to $150/hr working with your average personal trainer and still not have access to the scope, depth, and flexibility of the itrainelite system. Every video workout is a progression (from beginner to elite) painstakingly tested in a gym or in-home environment to give you the very best results. Read more…