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Body Groove - A revolution in healthClick Image To Visit SiteNow You Can Drop Radical Amounts of Weight, Look And Feel Like A Million-Bucks, And Have Buckets of Self-Esteem… All Without Extreme Diet or Exercise… And In Just A Few Minutes A Day

I’ll also reveal the 3 most pervasive fat-loss lies that are PREVENTING WOMEN like you from losing any weight…

Lies that are causing you so much frustration, making you feel terrible about yourself, costing you time and money, stealing your freedom, and holding you back from shedding so much as an ounce of bodyfat.

Everything you’ve ever learned about losing weight is probably wrong… and it’s KEEPING YOU from experiencing the FREEDOM YOU WANT.

First: Even though I now travel the world teaching women my revolutionary health and workout secrets… I wasn’t always so fit and healthy…

In fact, for years I was about 50 pounds overweight, and one of the reasons for this is due to one of these fatloss lies. Sadly, I have been told this lie my whole life. From as early as 7 years old, all the way through my teenage years, and now into adulthood.

This lie actually causes one of the biggest problems we both face when dealing with our body issues:

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The ‘perfect’ body you see on the cover of a magazine isn’t real. It’s been photoshopped six ways from Sunday… It’s totally fake!

Plus, do you have any idea on what these models do to themselves to get ready for these photos shoots? They starve themselves….. It’s not realistic but yet you’re made to think that it is.

This lie of needing to be ‘model-skinny’ is causing women everywhere to do the exact thing you should NEVER do… Deprive yourself of food.

You see, when you starve yourself, or binge eat, or any other crazy food thing, this actually SHUTS DOWN your fat-burning hormones, and INCREASES your fat-storing hormones.

And that’s what happened to me. I was so desperate to look a certain way, and to gain approval from others – that I actually developed an eating disorder.

That’s when you binge eat and right after you eat, you go and force yourself to throw up so that you don’t absorb the calories of the food you just ate.

Your hair falls out, you are constantly dehydrated, your whole digestive system gets completely screwed up, you have low blood pressure, you get peptic ulcers, heart arrhythmia, even cardiac arrest.

Eating disorders of any kind – even yo-yo dieting – can take an enormous toll on your mental state of mind. They go hand-in-hand with extremely low self-esteem…. self-loathing… depression… even suicidal thoughts.

I know I’ve experienced this. In fact, there was one time… at my lowest point where I really just wanted it all to stop. I was so depressed, so unhappy…. I knew that if I didn’t… Read more…