Blood Flow Restriction Training – Blood Flow Restricted Arms

Blood Flow Restriction Training - Blood Flow Restricted ArmsClick Image To Visit SiteThe Breakthrough 4-Week Program That Uses Blood Flow Restriction Training To Blow Up Your Biceps And Triceps And Add Inches To Your Arms

Set after set, rep after rep, trying to force as much blood into their arms are possible. For the next week, their arms are toast.

The muscle soreness is so bad, that they have a hard time doing the simple things, like brushing their teeth, or combing their hair. The next time they can possibly train their arms is a whole week later.

You start to wonder why your arms aren’t growing. You torch your arms once per week, but they just won’t get bigger.

The bodybuilding magazines have been lying to you, hoping that you will think you’re the problem. This way, you’ll buy all of their supplements, trying to add muscle onto your plateaued arms.

The truth is, there is new scientific research showing a superior method to building your arms…and it goes against everything you ever thought you knew about arm training.

…And it involves doing something you’ll think is absolutely crazy, ridiculous, and nuts, but it works like gangbusters to:

Wrap your arms with wrist or knee wraps at the top of your arms (between the deltoids and biceps). The perceived tightness should be about 7 out of 10.

Do 4 sets of 15 reps, resting 30 seconds between sets. Use a weight that you could do for 30 reps (so the weight will be light). This weight translates into 20% to 30% of your 1 Rep Maximum (1RM). This will give you the biggest pump of your life.

Using Blood Flow Restriction training, you’re restricting the blood flow. Blood can only enter your arm, but it cannot exit until you unwrap your arms. It’s the equivalent of attaching a balloon onto your hose and turning up the water to full blast.

"Jason, this sounds way too dangerous to do. There’s no way I’m cutting the blood flow from my arms and training!"

I’ve heard it before, but when used correctly, blood flow restriction training isn’t dangerous at all. The key is, you don’t want to wrap your arms too tightly. If you wrap them too tightly, you’ll cut off all blood flow to your arms.

When wrapped correctly (perceived tightness of 7 out of 10), you are still allowing blood to enter the muscle, but you’re just not allowing it to leave. When you get a pump without blood flow restriction training, this is still happening (but on a smaller level). When you wrap, you’re just optimizing the process that occurs naturally.

There’s tons of research supporting blood flow restriction training that shows it’s both safe and effective. If you remember when creatine came out in the 80’s, everything thought it wasn’t safe and that you shouldn’t take it. That’s because it was new, and people didn’t understand it yet. Now, it’s common knowledge that creatine is safe and it works. Blood flow restriction training is no different… Read more…